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Terms and Conditions

Shipping & Delivery

All Kettlebells are being shipped out of Toronto Ontario Canada.  Shipping Charges are calculated based on the weight and size of the item. For multiple pieces greater then 5, please contact our sales associates to book a bulk shipping rate.  All items are shipped via Fedex Ground, Canada Post or Private Courier. We reserve the right to choose the end courier due to location.

Returns & Replacements

We offer a no BS guarantee.  If you are not happy with the item you purchased, simply contact us and we will work out a comparable solution for both parties.  We do warranty or replace items that are worn due to regular use.  Functional training is very demanding and our products are selected to with stand these conditions.  However, not all products will last forever.  


Orders can be placed on line and payments can be made via Paypal or Interac.ca.  If sending funds via Interac.ca, please ensure the secret answer is set to "kettlebells" so we can easily collect the funds.  Once funds are accepted and cleared, a follow up email will be sent confirming order status and tracking number. 
Paypal invoices will be sent from "JELA Enterprise Ltd".  For bulk orders (+3 pieces), we can most likely obtain a better shipping rate.  To ensure proper quotations, please email us the list of products and the full shipping address and we can provide a full quote within 24 hours. 

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payments can be sent via Payal or Interac.ca (email money transfer - Canada only).  All prices are listed in Canadian $.